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Name: Argilla
Age: Mid 20s ((approximate guess))
Gender: Female
Tribe: Embryon
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Pink
Distinguishing marks: Scar over the left eye, Atma mark on the left collar bone
Atma: Seismic Wave
Demon Form: Prithivi
Series: Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner ((1 and 2))

Human Information:
Argilla is a sniper of the Embryon Tribe, and originally comes from the Junkyard. Due to events in her world, she and the other Embryon are infected with a virus that allows the person to shift into a demon, which gives them access to supernatural powers and increased physical strength. The virus manifests as a mark on her body called an 'Atma.' The down side of all this is that as a demon she is constantly driven to consume her enemies, preferably freshly killed and still bleeding.
This does not make Argilla a happy camper. She strongly resents her Atma, and tries to avoid using it unless absolutely necessary. At the same time, the curse has given her a greater sense of self and morals, which she previously didn't possess. Her personality tends to be assertive and passionate over just about anything she has an interest in.

Demon Information:
Prithivi is based from the Hindu pantheon, and is an earth goddess. As expected, her strength is in manipulating and commanding earth, while her weakness is to wind based attacks. The demon is particularly adept at magic based skills, while compared to more hard hitting demons her physical abilities are mediocre at best. For the occasional melee combat, her arms can make the transition to whips.